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Welcome to MAXX Finance

MAXX Finance is a smart contract platform that replicates the traditional Certificate of Deposit but on the blockchain. It allows users to stake their MAXX tokens to earn fixed interest, up to 80% APY. It also has NFT functionality, and is backed by ownership of Validator Nodes.

A community DAO manages the MAXXVault, which collects fees from trade tax and early unstakes. The usage of these funds will be voted on by the community, to use on things such as purchasing additional Validator Nodes, Marketing, Conferences, Token Burns etc.

A FreeClaim is also available for the first 365 days, to anyone who was holding any of 70 popular Defi tokens on the date of our snapshot, October 30th 2022. Click here for more info!

Recent Stakes:

    Stage 1 - Free Claim - Now Complete

    Experience our protocol risk-free!

    We have 5,000,000,000 $MAXX tokens available for freeclaim by over 10 million wallet addresses.

    Stage 2 - Liquidity Amplifier - Now Complete

    Get some $MAXX before our mainnet launch

    Be amongst the first to own $MAXX tokens, in the fairest possible distribution method.

    Stage 3 - Token Launch - Day 536

    $MAXX Token deployed to Quickswap

    The $MAXX token has now been deployed on QuickSwap, and staking is open!