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Use of the website and dapp is subject to the following terms and conditions which you must accept before continuing: is a smart contract protocol in beta stage of launch and even though multiple audits have been completed on the smart contracts, I understand the risks associated with interacting with smart contracts and their associated functions.

Any interactions that I have with the MAXX Finance protocol website, dapp, dashboard or smart contracts MAY place my funds at risk, and I hereby release the MAXX Finance protocol and its contributors, team members, and service providers from any and all liability associated with my use of the above-mentioned functions.

I am lawfully permitted to access this site and use the MAXX website, application and smart contract functions, and I am not in contravention of any laws governing my jurisdiction of residence or citizenship.

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MAXX Utility NFTs

We will be releasing a series of four NFT Collections over the launch of MAXX Finance, each being a functional Utility NFT.

These NFTs give exclusive benefits in the MAXX Staking Ecosystem

MAXX Genesis

These Utility NFTs give a 10% Boost when creating a stake in the MAXX Ecosystem.

Claim codes for Genesis NFTs were distributed to people who applied for the MAXX Finance Whitelist back in 2022.

MAXX Genesis on OpenSea

MAXX Boost

These Ultra-rare NFTs give a 20% Boost when creating a stake in the MAXX Ecosystem.

Only 150 Boost NFTs will be minted - 130 were awarded randomly to participants of the Liquidity Amplifier stage, and we have 20 more to give away.

MAXX Boost on OpenSea