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Amplifier now complete! Users can now withdraw their MAXX tokens and start staking!

Amplifier now Complete

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Liquidity Amplifier FAQ

What is the Amplifier?

This is our fair-launch method to distribute the initial $MAXX Tokens. It is designed to allow a more equal token distribution compared to launching directly on a DEX, preventing whales and sniping bots from owning an unfair amount of tokens.

Users are able to obtain $MAXX at a fair price in this stage, before we launch the token onto Polygon and make it available for trading on Quickswap. There is a total of 20,000,000,000 tokens available for reservation.

Users sacrifice their MATIC into the contract on one or more of the 40 days, and at the end, tokens are distributed to users based on how much MATIC was entered each day.

How do I enter the Amplifier?

You will need MATIC tokens in your wallet on the Polygon Network. Simply input how much MATIC you wish to sacrifice above and process the transaction. At the end of the 24 hour period, you will be able to see exactly how many MAXX tokens you have reserved.

If you don't have any MATIC on Polygon, you can buy it using a Fiat-onramp like Rubic, Transak, MoonPay, Wyre, or several others. Make sure you select Matic on Polygon, not Ethereum/ERC-20!

How much $MAXX can I reserve?

This depends on how much MATIC you sacrifice. You will receive your fair share of the daily allocation based on how much you deposit compared to others. Let's say you have put in 10% of the total MATIC for a single day, you will get 10% of that days allocation.

There is no limit to how much $MAXX you can reserve, other than the total amount available for reservation each day. You can deposit as much MATIC as you wish into as many days as you choose.

Is there a minimum deposit?

Nope, there is no minimum - You can sacrifice 1 MATIC, up to several thousand MATIC. The more you deposit, the higher your share of the daily allocation will be.

How is the price of $MAXX set?

There is no price set in advance. The price depends on the total amount of MATIC deposited into a single day, along with that days allocation.

You will get the same price as everyone for each single day, unless they have used a referral link and you haven't.

Can I get a bonus?

Yes, if you use someone elses referral link, you will be getting a 10% bonus on your reserved amount of MAXX. You can also refer others, and earn a 5% commission based on how much they sacrifice.
Want a 10% bonus on your Amplifier deposit? Ask in our telegram for a link!

How do I get my $MAXX tokens?

At the end of the 40-day Liquidity Amplifier period, there will be a small pause for 3 or 4 days where we do some final checks and audits.

After that, will launch the token on mainnet and deploy liquidity to Quickswap. From that point, you will be able to withdraw all of your reserved tokens from the dashboard, to stake them or trade them on the market.

Am I guaranteed to receive tokens?

Yes - Everyone who deposits MATIC is gauranteed an allocation of $MAXX tokens, which they will be able to withdraw at 00:00 UTC on 19th February 2023.

Why launch using this method?

Let's say we launch directly to a DEX with only a low amount of liquidity in the pool:- The first few buys all get a large number of tokens for a very cheap price. The price starts going up very fast, and new buyers come in and buy at a higher price, getting fewer and fewer tokens as time goes on.

This ultimately leads to an unfair-whale problem, which can be seen in many popular tokens. A hand full of early users end up owning a huge amount of the supply for very little money. They could dump all of their tokens a few weeks/months later for millions of dollars, taking most of the liquidity with them and really harming the ecosystem.

Instead, by launching with a Liquidity Amplifier, all users who enter over the 40-day period are on an even playing field, and each person gets a much fairer share of the tokens available. This prevents the unfair-whale situation and makes for a much healthier and more robust ecosystem.

*The MAXX per Matic and MAXX Price are based on the EffectiveMatic deposited, which accounts for the 10% bonuses and referral bonuses. For more information please read the documentation.
** The current prices displayed are based on the live amount of Matic sacrificed for today. This will change as more Matic comes in.