Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions

Use of the website and dapp is subject to the following terms and conditions which you must accept before continuing: is a smart contract protocol in beta stage of launch and even though multiple audits have been completed on the smart contracts, I understand the risks associated with interacting with smart contracts and their associated functions.

Any interactions that I have with the MAXX Finance protocol website, dapp, dashboard or smart contracts MAY place my funds at risk, and I hereby release the MAXX Finance protocol and its contributors, team members, and service providers from any and all liability associated with my use of the above-mentioned functions.

I am lawfully permitted to access this site and use the MAXX website, application and smart contract functions, and I am not in contravention of any laws governing my jurisdiction of residence or citizenship.

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Stake Your MAXX

Earn a guaranteed fixed interest rate by staking your MAXX tokens.

Your Stake:
BPB Bonus:


LPB Bonus:
Use a utility NFT:
NFT Bonus:
Value at Maturity
Staker League Stats

Stakers are assigned a rank in the league table below based on the total amount of Shares in their active Stakes.

RankStakersShares Required
🐙 Kraken1-> 10%
Over 1,454,872,309 shares
🐳 Whale19-> 1%
Over 145,487,231 shares
🦈 Shark51-> 0.1%
Over 14,548,723 shares
🐬 Dolphin155-> 0.01%
Over 1,454,872 shares
🦑 Squid640-> 0.001%
Over 145,487 shares
🐢 Turtle390-> 0.0001%
Over 14,549 shares
🦀 Crab648-> 0.00001%
Over 1,455 shares
🍤 Shrimp1020-> 0.000001%
Over 145 shares
🐚 Shell940-> 0.0000001%
Over 15 shares
🦠 Plankton89-> 0%
Over 0 shares
You don't currently have a rank. Stake some MAXX in order to qualify!