Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions

Use of the website and dapp is subject to the following terms and conditions which you must accept before continuing: is a smart contract protocol in beta stage of launch and even though multiple audits have been completed on the smart contracts, I understand the risks associated with interacting with smart contracts and their associated functions.

Any interactions that I have with the MAXX Finance protocol website, dapp, dashboard or smart contracts MAY place my funds at risk, and I hereby release the MAXX Finance protocol and its contributors, team members, and service providers from any and all liability associated with my use of the above-mentioned functions.

I am lawfully permitted to access this site and use the MAXX website, application and smart contract functions, and I am not in contravention of any laws governing my jurisdiction of residence or citizenship.

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MAXX Finance Contract Info

Here are the official Smart Contract addresses for MAXX Finance:

Contract Launched Status Address/Polygonscan
MAXX Token 18 Decimals 0x6d9c0b104e5af90a6d11a13eb77288e533333301
Freeclaim Now Complete Completed 0x7935e1B8c75cE1E1971C42D40DeeEEF588333302
Amplifier Now Complete Completed
Stake Day 443 Day 443
ShareFactor: 0.86719351101777
MAXX Genesis NFT View on OpenSea 0xA7611eCC41240b2fB4796c3b886Dcbff33333305
MAXX Boost NFT View on OpenSea 0xDA858B0B879393003e753B498103EABB33333306
MAXX Prize claim Now Live 0x923AB1B75898bE959CC2eB0Cc40112Bd5543F1Aa

Audit and KYC

You can our current Audit and KYC Reports below. More to follow!